Cases can become duplicated in many ways, like when a customer sends 2 emails at the same time.  Now you have two cases with relevant information for the same problem.

CloudAnswers Case Merge allows you to merge the two cases, keeping email history from both cases on one case using a process very similar to the standard lead and contact merge functions in salesforce.  

Here you can see it in action, a user has 2 cases from the same customer related to the same topic.  They select the two cases, click "Merge Cases", confirm the record to keep, and then get a single case with all email history combined:

Installation Instructions

1. Install PowerPack

If you don't already have PowerPack installed, get it from the AppExchange (you can install it for free in a sandbox to evaluate):

2. Setup Case Merge from PowerPack Admin

In Salesforce, navigate to "All Tabs"

Find the "PowerPack Admin" tab:

Navigate to "Case Merge":

You need to take 2 actions here:

  1.  Choose the case status for cases that don't survive the merge.  We recommend a new case status "Merged"
  2. Click "Enable Trigger" to ensure that emails send to any of the merged cases are routed to the surviving case.

3. Add to Page Layouts

Edit your page layouts to add the "Find Duplicates" button to the case detail screen.  Your admin should edit the appropriate page layouts like this:

Add the case merge button to the case list screen by navigating to:

Setup > Customize > Cases > Search Layouts > Edit Cases List View

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